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This blog is about my day–to–day life. Here I shamelessly (and rather sparely) post everything that would greatly exceed the length of one ordinary tweet. :D

Living in Barcelona, first week recap

My first week in Barcelona is over and because I survived without both mental and physical harm, I want to write down my impressions so they remain saved for next generations. Let me tell you what it’s like for a newcomer to live in such a place where time truly is relative, and “10 minutes” is nothing more than alias for something between 20 minutes (if lucky enough) and one hour. In the place where everyone drives so “passionately” that you have major concerns to enter the road, even when facing the crosswalk with a walk signal active. In the place where they’re aware of the horn in the car and are not afraid to use it (I believe that they think their cars are invisible, and this is a way to let others know where they are). The place where people are so kind that they will help you from your belongings even if no one asks them. Well, time to set the record straight…

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Moving to Barcelona

Barcelona, here I come!

One would think that after a year abroad, I’ll be a good boy and go back home. Wrong! This experience was way too cool to get into a rut again. Fortunately, I had enough time to think about it, and I decided to rather take a step forward than running back.

Which brings us to the fact that I’m moving to Barcelona, yayyy! :) I’m so happy I can join the great team at HotelNinjas as a Frontend developer. I’ll also have a great opportunity to master my Spanish, learn more about Spanish (and Catalan, of course! ;) ) culture, and enjoy all the great stuff Barcelona has to offer.

Dreams are meant to be lived…

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